[Active Directory] Get users from nested groups or the groups in the group
Forge component by Renato Pauleta
Published on 13 Jan 2020
Application Type
Traditional Web

In our AD we have groups of users but those groups can also contain other groups.

When we use the AD_GroupGetUsers, we only get the users in that group.
We also wish to get the users from the nested groups (or at least the groups that are members, so we can loop them ourselves).

An example:

"GroupA" contains the following members:

  • User 1
  • User 2
  • User 3
  • GroupB

"GroupB" contains the following members:

  • User 2
  • User 4
  • User 5

When retrieving the users for GroupA we expect to get User1, 2, 3, 4 and User 5. Instead we only get User 1,2 and 3.
Also there is no way of retrieving the groups that are member of the current group.

Any ideas, anyone?