How to configure REST API path for PROD environment/QAS environment
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.10.6 (Build 37198)

Hi All,

I have imported multiple methods from a REST API interface with a base URL in DEV now. Each method under the REST API has their own path and they are different to the URL in PROD environment, how should/can I configure them accordingly?

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Hi Junior,

A REST API has an endpoint, which will differ in development and production. The endpoint is the only part of the path that differs between environments. A REST API typically gives access to resources, and those resources will be at the same location for development and production. For example, a specific user may be found at /Users/12345, a specific order at /Orders/54321. So the only thing you need to configure is the path of the endpoint, which can be done in Service Center (and perhaps LifeTime, but I'm not good with that).

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you can change URL from service center.

go to Factory and see module open it and click on integration tab and you can set your effective URL.