[Audio Record Plugin] Local Storage and Audio
Forge component by Experts
Published on 28 Aug 2019
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is it better to store Audio data throug refreshing an Entity or through the File plugin?

Unfortunately, I couldn't get both to work but I'm not sure because I can't get them to play either. Is playing audio files most effective throug JavaScript because I couldn't play through the different plugins. I would like to do all this just offline. If I do it through the plugins, how do I enter a usual path when it comes to playing through the local storage and how do I manage URI? Ideally I would list the audio files on a screen .I'm very lost, is there some kind of tutorial on this? The Audio Record plugin didn't help and it seems to be optimized for online server actions.

Any help or tutorial would be appreciated, I want to do this the simplest way possible. How do I test if I stored something correctly whithout reading it out? Or does someone have a complete solution? (My oml ist too big for uploading because all the different buttons and different ways I tried, so I guess it's more of a mess than help anyway.)

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