[LinkedIn Connector] Scope not being passed causing error
Forge component by OutSystems R&D
Published on 11 Dec 2018
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I'm trying to implement this. I've followed the documentation (set up an app with client secret/ID). However when I get directed in the demo to the part where you enter the client ID and secret on the form and press 'Proceed' it says 'Something went wrong, you will be redirected in 5 seconds' and takes me back to the screen I was just on. In the documentation it says to sign in with LinkedIn but can't find how to do that? Does it mean just sign into Linked in in your browser on a seperate tab?

When debugging the error is that it is not passing the scope. Do you know how to do this? Is it because I'm not signed into LinkedIn? (I am on the actual LinkedIn website)

Thanks in advance for any replies!