[IdPServer] Federated identity management sandbox
Forge component by Telmo Martins
Published on 20 Dec 2018


I am learning federated identity management and its basics. While there are plenty of how-to-guides on paid/enterprise IdPs and how to configure them (Okta, Azure, OneLogin, etc.), I would like to build a sandbox ecosystem to understand SAML and other authentication better and be able to replicate authentication flow using SAML between IdPs and SPs that are both created by me.

My question – is it possible to create such a sandbox using any of the IdP forge components using OutSystems only? 

If yes, could anyone give a direction in which to start building it? Ideally it would be central IdP service and two or more SPs with unique users. Kind of limited replica of Hub-and-Spoke Federation with Centralized Login architecture from eduGAIN.

If no - what would be your starting point on creating such a sandbox?

The initial goal for me would be modeling and testing a user-centric federated identity management system. All replies, ideas, and resources are highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.