[Dual List Selector] Loading a seperated list
Forge component by Charles Cumber
Application Type

Hello, First off I love this forge component. It works very well, but still I have a question.

I have a list of users that I  load in. After a safe, some users are selected and some not. When I want to edit this record/data, I cannot load it into the DualListSelector. All users will be on the left again, while in the last edit I had a lot of users put on the selected side.

Is there a way to load this component like I want to?

Other small thing is that the title does not fit my situation. "All" is totally fine by me, but it would be nice to change the "selected" part to "invites" or something. If you are able to change this in the code, it would make it even much more usable for different usecases, because it is really nice looking and have not found something like this for reactive yet.

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