[Google Core] How to handle applications with different scopes
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I am analyzing how the Google Core component works together with the Google Login Plugin in the following scenario:

  • The same user is working with 2 (or more) different applications 
  • Each application has its own Google scopes
  • The login is made via Google Login Plugin

Suppose there are 2 mobile apps available in the factory (both using the Google Login Plugin):

If a new user named John installs both apps in his mobile device and then logs into App A, an AccessToken (and corresponding RefreshToken) will be stored in the GoogleCore\UserGoogle entity. This AccessToken allows App A to interact with John's calendar events. If John then logs into App B, the new token (for accessing the Google Books API) will not be saved and App B will be using App A's token which was created for a different scope.

I'm not sure if my analysis is correct... Has anyone tried this scenario?

Thanks in advance,


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