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Hi everyone

How can the inlinecount parameter fetched from Odata(SAP) be displayed in the DataGrid?

 I have a program that fetches data from Odata(SAP), and then sends Json to DataGrid to display it on the page. Now I want to add an [inlinecount] parameter in Odata(SAP), and then return it to DataGrid and display it on the page.

But I don't know how the DataGrid can receive this parameter.

Or is there any other way to provide some ideas.

Any suggestion is appreciated.

Kind Regards

Json Example:


    "d": {

        "__count": "6865",

        "results": [


                "__metadata": {

                    "id": "1",

                    "uri": "2",

                    "type": "Type1"


                "name": "aaa",

                "number": "1",

                "age": "22"



                "__metadata": {

                    "id": "2",

                    "uri": "3",

                    "type": "Type2"


                "name": "bbb",

                "number": "2",

                "age": "30"





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