Technical Preview: Built-in Emails for Mobile and Reactive Web Apps


With the release of Platform Server - 11.12.0, you’ll now be able to activate the Technical Preview feature Emails in Mobile and Reactive Web Apps

This Technical Preview feature needs to be enabled in LifeTime.


With this release, you will be able to create, compose and send emails in your Mobile and Reactive Web apps.

Creating a new email is just as easy as creating a new screen

We recommend that you use an empty theme or an email-specific theme to avoid rendering issues on email clients.


Adding content to your emails is also a simple case of dragging and dropping widgets

These widgets should help you build most of your emails. We have more widgets coming in a future release, let us know in the comments which ones you need the most.


Sending your email can be done by using the handy Send Email action in a Server Action of your choosing


Don't forget to configure the SMTP server on Service Center and you should be all set to send those important emails to your users just at the right time! 

You can learn all about this feature by checking out the Technical Preview - Emails in Mobile and Reactive Web Apps documentation page

We encourage you to try it out and give us your feedback!


Thanks @Vitor Teixeira for sharing this!

Great news! thanks for sharing!

Awesome, thanks for sharing!!

It is much awaited feature in the Reactive applications. Thanks for brining this feature and sharing the release information with us.

Great news :) Thanks for sharing ..!!

Bravo! It is a feature we have been waiting for some time in our Reactive applications. You fixed my day :-)

Thats really great!!


Excellent functionality, many people were waiting. Great!


Is it possible to convert a Traditional Web with email to a Reactive web module?


Already have the answer, but there is a upgrade guide: Here

Good to know that! Long waited funcionality.


Much Needed, thanks for sharing.

Hi everyone, 

I can't seem to find any way to add an attatchment to the Email, and also, if i want to do a mail to present a list of items, i don't have a table or list widget available, will this be supported in the future?

Thanks, Nuno Guedes

Hi @Nuno Guedes,

Thank you for trying out this feature and providing feedback.

We are currently working on including the capability to add Attachments. We will also be adding both widgets you mentioned, so you will be able to easily include dynamic lists of items in emails. 

Both  Attachments capability and the new widgets will be released with an upcoming update of the technical preview. Stay tuned.

Feel free to let us know of any additional feedback.


Vítor Teixeira


Good news. Finally react can send mail directly.

Great news! Very handy!

Such a great feature! Everyone opted for.

Thts great feature to hv in react..keep up doing grt work..

I'm just waiting for this add in react.

Thanks :)

Thanks for sharing

Great News.

Bom dia, tenho a mesma versão hoje, mas a função de e-mail não aparece.


Por favor verifique se a Technical Preview Feature "Built-in emails for Mobile and Reactive Web app" está ativa no seu ambiente. Pode encontrar instruções de como ativar Technical Preview features neste link.


Please check if the "Built-in emails for Mobile and Reactive Web app" Technical Preview Feature is enabled in your environment. You can find instructions on how to enable Technical Preview Features in this link.


Vítor Teixeira

problem solved.


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