[Reactive Sidebar with Overlay] Using only Toggle to open/close is causing a a lot of issues
Forge component by José Pedro Proença
Application Type


In the latest version the component changed from a Boolean to indicate if the sidebar is open or not to needing to use a toggle. This is causing a lot of issues for me and I was wondering if you would be willing to update the deprecate web block and support it side-by-side with the non-deprecated web-block.

For example; I now need to keep track of the state the Sidebar and use that state in several places to determine if I need to open or close the sidebar. This was not needed when using a Boolean since I can simply set the value to True or False to open or close the Sidebar. 

The new version is also causing me to update a lot of older applications because of both the change of the Input variables behavior and the logic needed to manipulate the sidebar. 

So I'm really hoping that you would also want to support the deprecated version as well. The deprecated version also has the advantage that it's really close (but not quite) to the original Sidebar in both input parameters and events which makes the transition for the basic Sidebar to this one a lot easier.



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