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Service Studio for macOS - Available NOW!

I am excited to announce that a brand new Service Studio for macOS is now available for everyone!

What you get

  • Completely native experience when running Service Studio on your Mac

  • Beautifully redesigned user interface, with improved interactions, and themes - including a dark mode

  • New text editors with improved capabilities like syntax highlighting, autocomplete, find and replace, line numbering, and more

What you should know before you start

While we are super excited to launch Service Studio for macOS, there are some feature differences between this new version and your existing Windows Service Studio so be sure to check the documentation here.

Download the new version here and start using it today.

Oh, and don’t worry, there is also a new Beta version for Windows users to check out. 

Try it out and let us know your thoughts on it! :-)

Ângela, Product team

Thanks for the update! This is great news for mac users like me. I already downloaded it and it's very beautiful and fast (I like the dark mode), no need to install VM to develop Outsystems.

Kudos to the OutSystems for the job well done!

Thank you so much for your words, Mark. The team put an effort into it and really appreciates your feedback.

Have a nice day!


I was waiting for this announcement  from long back .

Service Studio for macOS is really helpful to me .

Thanks Outsystems Team 

Glad to hear that, Vivek!

Keep the feedback coming :-)



Thanks Outsystems Team 

This is huge!!

Thank you team!

A few questions:

  1. Since there are still a few features not available, some quite needed, how often will we have release updates?
  2. Are those updates going to be automatic like in windows version? That is, no need to check from time to time if there is a new version...
  3. Is it ok to have a team with windows and mac developers working on the same module for the same factory?
  4. Will this eventually in the future have one version that fits all Operating Systems (obviously an exe for windows, a dmg for mac, deb/rpm/tar for linux)

Thanks again!

Hi, Nelson.

Thank you so much for your questions! 

Yes - We will continue to evolve the feature set over the coming months, with a good release cadency. Make sure to have your auto-update setting turned on to be always up to date with the latest version. Also - Please notice that you'll need to restart Service Studio from time to time to ensure the auto-upgrade is performed.

It's OK to have developers working in different operating systems on the same module. Just be aware that some traditional web functionalities are not 100% available in this new Service Studio. 

From now on we are supporting Windows and macOS natively, with no short/medium-term plans to support Linux right now.

Hope I helped to clarify your questions.

Have a nice day,


Great news! All working cool except traditional web interface... Looking forward to next releases and opportunity to ditch virtual machines forever :) 

We'll get there! Thank you for your feedback, Nick! :-)

Great news, thanks for sharing!!

Great news, was waiting so long for that. Congrats and thanks for the team :)

Downloading it now... ;)

We're really glad to hear that! Try it out and let us know your feedback!

Have a nice weekend :-)


Such great work OS team! Its SOOO good.

<pop's champagne cork>  WOOT WOOT

@Ângela Dinis - How would you like us to report bugs and improvement ideas?

Hi Mark! Happy you liked it!

Thank you so much for your question.

 You can submit your feedback directly in Service Studio. In the toolbar, you can click on the megaphone and access to the "Submit Feedback" feature. We're actively looking at it! :-)


wow,  so great, have been waiting for this news since 2017.  there is an installation package for mac before, but it will take very long time to install and very difficult to use. 

finally, no need use 2 laptops any more. 

We're glad to know the new Service Studio for Mac is useful to you and will boost your productivity :-)

We need Dark mode for Windows version

Hi Kiu,

Its already in my version on windows - check Edit / Preferences - Dark theme.

Good news for Mac users,

Thank you team.

Amazing news for OutSystems Community, Excited to work on service studio for macOS. Thanks a lot to Team OutSystems

Great news,

Clean interface and totally native compatibility.

One disadvantage related to some features is not available, for example, the editor view (interface) isn't available (in web traditional) and this is a blocker feature to use service studio in your totality. 

We waiting for new releases.

Thank you.

The second best thing I wanted for so long.....first is OutSystems to go public. 


It is amazing that everyone can finally enjoy Service Studio on macOS. With all the excitement, please do read the 

 documentation carefully before posting about "unavailable" feature ;) 

  • Developing Traditional Web apps isn't possible yet.
  • The rendering of outlines that show up when you are dropping widgets into tight places isn't available yet. Hint: if you encounter issues, use the Widget Tree.
  • In the UI main editor, the toggles for some widgets (for example, List or Table widgets) don't have the final experience.
  • Context menus icons, display and styling are still under development.
  • The following features of the flow editor for actions, processes, and UI flows aren't available yet:
    • Zoom.
    • Export to an Image.
  • Configuring apps with multi-language isn't possible yet.
  • Integrations: Consuming SOAP web services and SAP Remote Functions isn't supported.
  • Interactive tutorials aren't available yet.

Just wondering when the Integration Studio will be on MacOS. Do we have a plan on Integration Studio?


I have downloaded and tried on my kinda old mac. It's working great !! 

However, when I tried to install to my m1 mac, it installed correctly without error, but somehow I cannot enter my environment. It says my email or password was not correct. Is this expected for this now, and or is there solution for this?

Thanks a lot in advance. 


Perhaps related to your issue. Do you have an on premise install of OS? 

We have experienced a similar issue. Its works when out of the office and connecting remotely to the OS on prem instance but when in the office and trying  to connect it does not work. The old windows version does though from within the VM on the Mac which eliminates our initial thought it was to do with the firewall routing or the dns resolution. We have not had much more of a change to investigate this but will do next week. 

I was also wondering if the IDE is also not accepting or prompting to accept a self-signed (invalid) certificates (externally via our WAF the certificate is valid but from within our office network the IDE would be seeing an invalid (self-signed certificate). 

Perhaps @Ângela Dinis could confirm this for us?

Cheers, Mark


After reading your comment, I tried it again outside our office environment. And it works flawlessly!

However, same thing happens to me, that the old windows version does work through the VM on the same network the mac version was rejected.

Anyways, I usually work on my outsystems projects outside the working hours anyways, so actually as long as it works at my house and our local cafes, then I'm happy  :D

Thanks, Mark !

Great news for service studio !!

What about integration studio?

Hi everyone, 

Thanks for the great feedback! 

With regards to Integration Studio - we're currently re-assessing how its use cases (most commonly for implementing custom code and external databases) will fit into the whole development journey. We will share details as soon as we have them.

Feel free to reach out if you have any particular concerns about this. 


Great..Thanks for sharing!


Hi, any schedule as to when we'll have available the traditional web functionality available? For reactive apps, the studio is perfect but to maintain traditional screens (more than 80% of screens in clients) the studio doesn't work.

Integration Studio is heavily used in our project, for both into .net code and external entities. I can't imaging working with OS without it.

Great news, its finally here, thanks

Any estimate when Traditional Web will be supported in Mac version?

Great work guys!

Great question Lim!

Adding to your question:

What about the "Data Type Editor..." feature? Which in my case, that is what I'm missing most:

Also a request: So, in the release notes page we only see the "Features currently unavailable" in the "11.50.9" version. Can you guys add at least in the upcoming version what is currently missing compared with Windows version? (and include the "Data Type Editor" if it won't come that soon)

Thank you,


Hi Nelson,

Thank you so much for your feedback. It's spot on what we need to do better.

I will work with the team to ensure there is more visibility on what's coming next on future versions.

In the meantime, I can ensure you that we are currently reaching the maximum level of parity between the 2 versions of the product within the next 6 months:

  • (2-3M) We have prioritized missing functionalities for Traditional Web Apps, Translation and UI Editor
  • (3-6M) Gaps on Data Editor, Text Editor, Flow Editor, SAP and other small improvements will come right after

We will be continuously releasing these features as they are ready, so stay tuned for more details.

Once again, Thank you for your message!



I am having some crashs with Mac OS Monterey and M1 chip.

Where should i report this issues?

Hey Pedro,

The team monitors this thread but also in the IDE itself from the feedback button on the tool bar. Hopefully your crashes are not so bad that it allows you to do this :)

Cheers, Mark

I cant use debug mode with chrome because Service Studio always Crash:

Crashed Thread:        13

Exception Type:        EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT)

Exception Codes:       0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000

Exception Note:        EXC_CORPSE_NOTIFY