How to get the version of specific environment of application
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I have dev test and production environment in my application. I want to show version of each specific environment application. When I am using lifetime API then its showing the latest version only and same version in all three environments.

Hi Manjeet ,

Do you want to show the version of environment  or the version of a single application built in that environment??

Hi Vinay,

I have one application built in Dev, test and Production environment. I want to show respective environment  versions of that app in the footer. Example, I have version 1.8 in Dev and version 1.7 in production then I want to show version 1.8 in Dev environment in the app footer and version 1.7 in prod env in app footer.


You can do with your service-center. Just logged-In to your environment service-center and select your Application and module. you will get the published version in the list. 

Here is the option to download and Publish any old version again. After published old version, that version will be your running version and your tester can test application with Old App. 

Yes Vinay But how to get that in some variable in service studio. i can see my versions in lifetime but cant able to get them in service studio

Or you can try this plugin.

Ok can you clarify bit more.

Or you can also go through this link,*1sm9kqu*_ga*MTk2NTE0NzI4Ny4xNjI4MTYwMTg5*_ga_ZD4DTMHWR2*MTYyOTE4MDM4OC4yMjcuMS4xNjI5MTgyOTY4LjUw

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