[TestFramework] [TestFramework] Incompatible with Oracle?
Forge component by Indigo
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Traditional Web
The users page is not compatible with Oracle. The ISNULL fuction doesn't exist, so the query doesn't work. Can you either fix this or clearly mention somewhere that the component is not compatible with Oracle databases?
I didn't check the rest of the application yet, so I'm hoping this is the only issue.

Error executing query. Error in advanced query GetUsers in Preparation in Users in UIFlow1 in TestFramework (SELECT       {User}.[Id],      {User}.[Name],      {User}.[Username],      {User}.[Email],      {User}.[Last_Login],      {User}.[Is_Active],      CASE ISNULL(TF_Developer.[Id],0) WHEN 0 THEN 0 ELSE 1 END,      CASE ISNULL(TF_Manager.[Id],0) WHEN 0 THEN 0 ELSE 1 END,      CASE ISNULL(TF_Tester.[Id],0) WHEN 0 THEN 0 ELSE 1 END  FROM {User}      LEFT OUTER JOIN {User_Role} TF_Developer ON {User}.[Id] = TF_Developer.[User_Id] AND TF_Developer.[Role_Id] = @TF_Developer      LEFT OUTER JOIN {User_Role} TF_Manager ON {User}.[Id] = TF_Manager.[User_Id] AND TF_Manager.[Role_Id] = @TF_Manager      LEFT OUTER JOIN {User_Role} TF_Tester ON {User}.[Id] = TF_Tester.[User_Id] AND TF_Tester.[Role_Id] = @TF_Tester  WHERE       ({User}.[Name] LIKE ('%'+@SearchKeyword +'%') OR {User}.[Username] LIKE ('%'+@SearchKeyword +'%')) AND      {User}.[Is_Active] = 1 AND      ({User}.[Id] IN (SELECT {User_Role}.[User_Id] FROM {User_Role} WHERE {User_Role}.[Role_Id] = @RoleId) OR @RoleId = 0)  ORDER BY @OrderBy): ORA-00904: "ISNULL": invalid identifier
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