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Server action

Hello all. I need your help. I'm new to Outsystems and i was told to do a server action for a screen and I have been trying to solve it but i couldn't. I need to create the server action for the Notify By Approver button where once i select a name and that person should be receiving an email. The email server action is done.  I have attached the images of the screen, aggregate, all variable used in that screen, client action  and all the needed information.  So sorry i'm not allowed to share the OML anywhere. Please help me out. Thanks. 

The screen and the Notify By Approver btn


This is the client action 

This is the server action. 


As I see that you already have another post similar to this post and in the new one you provided the oml. So I think you can consider to merge into 1 post.

Btw, I answered in your new post already. Please take a look at it.




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