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New and improved OutSystems Certification Page for you!

Hello OutSystems Community,

Today we come with some exciting news about the OutSystems Certification program, and if you are one to constantly level up with certifications, or a newbie ready to fast track your career in tech, then this news is for you!

We have a brand new OutSystems Certification Page. We’re talking about a revamp! 😱

Let’s get to it! What is new on the Certification Page?

There’s a new look and feel to the page! We gathered with our tech leads, UX/UI and research designers, product owners and we asked questions to you, the community. When kickstarting this project we knew one thing, this is for you! So you also played a role in the new modern and intuitive design:

Following this makeover, we have added a search bar 🔍. Now, you are able to type in any keyword to find exams of your interest and learn more about them:

No more scrolls 🖱️ With a program that is growing to certify professionals in different levels and roles, there are now more exams. So we have also added a smart filtering system, to make your experience more enjoyable and effective. With this, we are aiming to help you increase the relevance of the results you get. Now you will be able to filter by:

  • Exam type - Certification or Specialization

  • Exam Status - Not Scheduled, Scheduled, Completed

  • Roles - As a growing role-based certification program, with this filter, you will be able to find exams according to the role you wish to pursue


On the exam cards, we are now sharing some relevant exam information ℹ️ right away, such as the exam duration, languages available and exam status:

❕ Remember, the exam detail sheet is also an asset that we encourage you to use and abuse before registering for the exam. That’s where you will find all the exam details, like the topics it covers, direct links to online courses, and documentation of how to prepare for it, and also the sample test for practice.

Localization-wise, as we shared at OSDC, we have been listening to you, and we have been working on a multi-language training and certification experience. Following the latest announcements here and here, we are happy to share that the new, and whole, Certification Page experience is now available in Portuguese-BR 🇧🇷 and Spanish 🇪🇸.

We hope you enjoy your new Certification Page and to make it easier for you to learn where to start, and where to go.

Remember, if knowledge is power, then training is your superpower! 🚀

Feel free to reach out to the team at






It is great!

To make it perfect, it is only missing the date of the scheduled exams. We can search on the inbox, but this page could have that and save us the 10 seconds.




looking great, easily accessible.


Its so cool!


cool :)

Excellent! In addition to this, a language filter would make it even easier to use.

That's great, Easily accessible UI.

It looks good to me...:)


Great !




Great !


It looks cool :)

Looking Great!

time to fill out my resumé with some more certifications


Always great to see improvements.

It is Nice

Extremely intuitive with amazing look and feel.

Really nice



Cómo lo hacemos?

Hello Juan.

The forum is still English only. If you are looking for the Spanish version of the certification page, go here.

Looking Great!

Great job!

Spectacular !!!

Good work!

Great job !

Very helpful updates for OutSystems community. Thanks

Nice..good job team

Great !

This upgrade was very helpful after I registered for my test on Monday. Thank you for the update!

Excelent news! Thanks!!

Cleaner design!

its wonderful and very helpful upgrade .

É emitir o certificado numa linguagem diferente que foi feito no dia do exame possível?  
ex: se eu fizer em inglês eu consigo emitir o certificado em português?

Olá Lilia, 

Neste momento os certificados estão disponívei somente em Inglês.


Great job 🙂🙂🙂