I'm trying to do the project in Service Studio 5.1 , with some difficulties but it is lack of expericence.
It turns out that in the connection when I MainFlow the Home LoginPage I will publish the project and when to open the browser gives the following error (attached) "ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS".
If you link to another page works correctly, but the login page that is already done in CommonFlow does not work.
Because of my project will need a login system to work properly.

One more small question what is the difference between using the Community version and Standard systems login?

Renato Fernandes
Hi Renato and welcome,

It would seem that something's wrong with your login page. Would you like to share your eSpace with us so we can take a look into it? Sometimes that kind of behavior happens when:

- The Common Flow or the login screen - or some of its web blocks - doesn't have the "Anonymous" permission area set;
- An exception is being raised in the preparation, and the exception is being trapped but redirects to a screen which in turn raises an exception, thus creating an infinite redirect;
- Maybe even the Login screen requires SSL/HTTPS and you don't have such a certificate in your server.

These are some ideas. If these don't work, if you want to attach your eSpace someone will take a look into it, and hopefully the problem will be found :)

I don't think there are significant differences between the 5.1 Community Edition and the Standard Edition login system - it's basically the same. Or are you integrating with LDAP, AD, or something alike?

Regards, and let us know how it goes.

Paulo Tavares
Caro Paulo Tavares,

Envio entao em anexo o projecto.
Depois assim que possa de uma olhadela no que se passa.

Atentamente Renato Fernandes
Hi Renato,

Well, by looking at the eSpace nothing struck me immediately as being wrong.

If I may suggest, try deleting all nodes in the Login_Screen Preparation action, except the Start, End and the CheckAdmin query.

Let us know if that works.


Paulo Tavares
Confere, funciona na perfeição...


Renato Fernandes

I am Having Err_Too_Many_Redirects problem in my Pc.

Found the solution


its my chrome's problem

now everything is working