[Animated & Styled Dialogs / Alerts] [Animated & Styled Dialogs] Confirmation Dialog cannot return a value
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Forge component by Ruben Bonito
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11.13.1 (Build 53655)


Thank you for providing this plugin, its very useful!

I'm having difficulty implementing the Confirmation Dialog. I would like to ask a user to confirm they want to do an action based on their response however I am unable to get their response using this dialog - the action continues without waiting for the response from the dialog.

To summarize what I am trying to achieve:

1. User swipes on list

2. Confirmation Dialog appears: "This action cannot be undone... [continue]/[back to safety]"

3. User selects an option, and an If widget evaluates whether nothing happens ("back to safety") or another action happens based on the response given in the dialog.

Essentially the action falls through to the false ("back to safety") option every time.

I've attached a small sample to demonstrate.

I'm aware I can do this using something like the below but the sweet alerts are much nicer.

$parameters.result = confirm("This cannot be undone! Do you wish to continue?");

Also just to note I cannot use a native dialog plugin as this is for a PWA.

Many thanks in advance,



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