Import Static Entity Records

Import Static Entity Records

Is it possible to import records from an Excel file to a static entity?

This would be used for more than one thing, but for example ... creating a country drop-down list. Is there an easier way to add all the countries as static records instead of entering 200+ manually? Also, for this specific example only, would it be better to have a regular entity and import the records in the web application? If so, I know how to do that.

In other cases where it would be better to have a static entity, is importing possible? Or is there an easier way? I saw an option to Import from Database, but I'm not sure how that works and I couldn't find any information about it.
Hi Britni,

As far as I know, it's not possible to import an excel for a static entity directly. But it's possible achive what you need, I'll explain.

Step 1 - Create an Entity with the atributes that you want.

Step 2 - Do the import action

Step 3 - The excel need to have the same format that the entity.

Step 4 - After Import the excel file, check the values in the entity 

The values are in the entity, now you will convert the entity as static entity

Step 5 - Import the values from database, click in the"import from database" button, the values that was stored in the entity were imported to the static entity.

If you want know more about the "import from database" feature check the link bellow

Nelson Baptista
Addicional info

You can use the feature "Create Action to Bootstap Data from Excel" to create the import action, the action will be placed inside the "Actions" folder and the excel file that you choosed will be placed in the "Resources" folder.

Nelson Baptista
Britni -

In this *particular* instance, it's already been solved for you, in 6.0 there is a "Country" eSpace with this data. I think you may need to install one of the sample apps to get it though.

Alternatively, I could provide you with an OML that has a "Country" entity in it, that I spent the better part of a night copy/pasting together a while back. :D

Thank you both!


That worked perfectly. I tried something very similar to that before I posted, but I missed one very important step that I wouldn't have thought about if you hadn't explained it. Thank you for being very thorough. :)