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Hi All,

I am a bit confused with how to use Idp for multi tenancy.

The existing applications that we have is in multi-tenant and authenticated using IdpReact (Azure AD). But all tenants are accessing the application using the same URL e.g http://xxxx.com/name. We have updated tenant switch in Idp to detect based on user's domain. 

But we  are currently building another multi-tenancy application where URL will be different for each tenant. And we would like to use the same Idp component if possible for authentication. But I am a bit confused with how to implement the Idp to work for both scenario. 

I have gone through some of the forum question and seems like the recommended way is to set "AccessToAllTenants" to true, "ShowSwitchTenant" to true and then set up a separate SAML Apps inside Idp for each tenant. And also create different enterprise application in Azure for individual tenant because endpoint and domain have to be the same?

But I am not sure what's the impact on my previous application if I switch "AccessToAllTenants" on. Has anyone done something similar? 



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