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Hi everyone,

I am recently working on the Whatsapp API and since I am new to both Whatsapp API and Outsystem, I think the Whatsapp API is also useable in outsystem. I studied how to consume RestAPI but I do not know how to imply the Whatsapp API on it.

I follow the Whatsapp API beginner guide but how to imply above code in Outsystems?

Also I tried to forge any existing sources for Whatsapp API but seems nothing is capable.

Could anyone can provide more reference for how to imply both Whatsapp API and Outsystems step by step?

Thanks a lot!

Stanley Leung

Hi Leung,

You need Whatsapp Business for consuming Api.

WhatsApp allows sending a message through their URL scheme.


You can use the URL for sending message like 


Hope it helps



Hi Shoeb,

Thank you for your reply. But I am not sure how to imply your references to my project and it sounds really unfamilar to me.

Let me ask more specific the question again. How could I imply the WhatsApp Cloud API to the Rest API consume?

Where Can I find those info e.g. Method URL, Request Headers, Response Headers, Username and Password for WhatsApp Cloud API?

Thank you for your reply again!

Stanley Leung

Hi Leung,

Please read this article you may get some idea.

Hope this help 



Hi Shoeb,

Thank you for your references article again. Actually I am stuck at the same point with applying the WhatsApp API.


Stanley Leung

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