[SurveyJS For Reactive] Data not refreshed properly on previous navigate
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Hi all,

I have a solution where we are working an integrated SurveyJS component. 

When I navigate through my application by using links and buttons in the application itself everything behaves as expected. But when I use the back button of the browser the data in the SuveryJS component is not loaded correctly and it gives me an error. When I refresh the page it works fine again. Note that I am redirecting users to the same page but with a different input parameter so data is fetched for the correct case. 

It look like as if the logic tries to input the JSON (used as input for the Survey) from the previous page into the new page before anything has been fetched. The Survey part is in a webblock and the survey itself will only be visible when the correct data is fetched and assigned (working with on after fetch). I tried to use on destroy as well to clear the data and assign it with the new values but nothing seems to work. 

Does anybody have any ideas how to solve this?


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