Introducing the new OutSystems Certified Trainer badge!

Hello OutSystems Community,

We have more fresh news for you! Today we’re launching the OutSystems Certified Trainer (OCT) badge! 

This new certification focuses on enabling and certifying OutSystems professionals worldwide on the OutSystems training delivery methodology and best practices. OutSystems Certified Trainers will have access to OutSystems materials and support that can help them deliver and build their own academies and training sessions. 

Who is this certification for?

This certification is targeted at every OutSystems professional who wants to deep dive into the OutSystems training delivery methodology and wants to deliver training.

How can I apply for this certification?

You can apply for the certification by filling out this registration form, and the OutSystems Training Team will answer with the next steps. Before you submit your application, make sure you go to our Certification page and go over the certification detail sheet to find out all you need to know about the registration process. 

What are the pre-requirements?

This new certification does not evaluate your OutSystems technical skills. It focuses instead on the training delivery skills. So, you can only apply to become an OutSystems Certified Trainer if you have:

  • O11 Associate Reactive Developer certification and
  • Two Specializations/Certifications out of the following:
    • Web Developer Specialization
    • Architecture Specialization
    • Mobile Developer Specialization
    • Security Specialization
    • Front-end Developer Specialization
    • Associate Tech Lead Certification

How does the certification process work?

This certification is not based on an exam and it is focused on the training delivery skills. There are two ways to evaluate your training delivery skills:

  • Show that you have accredited trainer certifications and training delivery experience or
  • Attend an OCT Boot Camp where we will share the OutSystems Training delivery methodology and best practices, as well as evaluate your training delivery skills.

In both cases, if the evaluation is positive, and you meet all the technical requirements, you will receive the OCT badge.

If you already participated in an OCT Boot Camp (or its previous version, the Train the Trainer Boot Camp) and have all the certification/specialization requirements, you will get your OutSystems Certified Trainer badge automatically. 

Is this certification for you? Visit our certification page to learn more about it and register! We can’t wait to see you in one of the OutSystems Certified Trainer Boot Camps! Any questions? Feel free to reach out to the Training team.


Jorge Costa

Hi @Jorge Costa ,

I tried to get a voucher on our partner portal, certification tab, pressing the Request Exam button allows requesting a voucher for every exam listed, except for this OutSystems Certified Exam. The list is empty, when I search on name, the list remains empty.

Could you take a look at this?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for letting me know. I will have a look at this and I'll get back to you as soon as I know more.

Thanks again,


Hello Jorge,

Good to see this certification available to everyone interested! Wondering how is this different from 

OutSystems Training Partners Program, is that going to be discontinued or both would run simultaneously?

By the way, on visiting the Certifications page I too don't see any item in the list for this certification, seems that is yet to be updated.



Hi Junaid,

Thanks for reporting the bug. It's already fixed :)

This new certification is targeted at individuals and helps us validate training (and indirectly technical) competencies, focused on the delivery of OutSystems training. 

But, the Training Partner Program continues! Our Training Partners deliver official OutSystems training worldwide and they collaborate with us in critical training and enablement projects, with the purpose of accelerating OutSystems adoption in our customers and partners.

I hope this helped answer your question.



This is a great news..!!

Interesting Jorge, so will all Train The Trainers automatically receive certification? 

Hi Guilherme,

Yes, but only if they meet the technical pre-requirements (the certifications/specializations listed in the original post). 

If someone participated in the Train the Trainer in the past and was approved by the OutSystems Training Team, but does not meet yet the technical requirements, they can still receive this new OCT badge when they complete the last necessary certification/specialization.

I hope this helped clarify your question.



Hi Jorge,

Thanks for sharing this information. Regarding the certification process, what are the accredited trainer certifications and training delivery experience that would result to a positive evaluation?

Kind regards,




..."- Show that you have accredited trainer certifications and training delivery experience..."

Is the "trainer of trainers (certificado de formador de formadores de Portugal)" certificate an accepted document?

And are there minimum hours that are required?

Hi Mariana,

Yes, it is an accepted document!

And there are no minimum hours required.

Best regards,


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