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Role based access control not working.

I have created two new users and assigned employee role to user1 and Manager role to user2. After login the application how can I restrict the screen access based on these users role?

(e.g: Employee and Manager both the users will have access the screen1, but the Screen2 Manager only have a access rights)


Based on that role how can I restrict the functions also. I have attached the steps that was followed in OS in the slide.

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Role based access control for screens is quiet simple in outsystems.

In the property section of your screen2 just uncheck the employee role then it will only be accessed by manager role.


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Hello Balasubramaniam s,

As suggested by Mohd Anees Mansoori, you must maintain the access to screen as per specific role. And to check the role before executing a function you can use CheckRole action present in roles created at the starting of any function and if the respective role should not perform that function you must end with error message that you do not have permission to execute.

Kindly, let me know if you need any demo regarding your scenario for better understanding.

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There is a course for this topic. Have you watched this one? If not please do as this will answer all your questions.

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