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How do I customize my community profile like this user?

I'm new here, I would like to know how to change my profile or my profile template.

I was looking at the community and saw a user with a different profile, how can I do the same?

His profile:



Probably Lucas put some script on the details of the page and I believe is not allowed.

You can't customize the community profile page, but it would be a cool idea.

The guy has been an OutSystems developer since 2014, wow 0o'

If you click on the profile, the portfolio is displayed.

Thinking by this logic, perhaps the change is just to highlight something.

But the question remains open, how did he do it?

Jannie, I think the same thing.

This guy has been an outsystems developer since 2014, he probably has a lot of knowledge.

If you open the profile and click on the link, there is LinkedIn in the portfolio, and there on LinkedIn it shows that he is studying ethical hacking.

Could this be a test?

There is no way to customize the community profile.

But opening Lucas' profile and looking at his portfolio you will see that he is studying hacking, and even on his LinkedIn he has some publications about internet security.

So I assume that this change in his profile is some study or test.

The normal OutSystems profile is shown again.

Hacking OutSystems website is not following community guidelines, and should not be done.

Hi everyone, I hope you are well.

I'm the "customized profile" guy, and my profile is already normal.

Because I changed it on the day so I could record a step-by-step video on how to reproduce this change, and later send this report in detail to the OutSystems security team.

As profiles are public, anyone who logged into my profile yesterday, when I was researching the glitch, would be able to see my modified profile, as I have no control over this.

So, the report has already been sent and corrected :)

Anyone who finds something different at OutSystems can submit a report to OutSystems through the website itself, and this is important, as this way we in the community help OutSystems identify things, and make the product we work on safer.

Hug, and end of the mystery.

Thanks for the explanation Lucas!