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Could someone give me a solution for printing data on outsystems

So I'm just starting with OutSystems now, and I've been given a challenge. I've already completed the frontend, which involves a scenario where a person fills out a form, for example: name, age, date, and so on. Once they fill it out, there should be a print button. When they click this button, it should print the data they entered in a PDF template. However, for now, I just want to focus on the part of printing the data entered into the input fields. After that, I'll address the printing layout. Is it possible to do this? 

Hello Antony,

When you write that you want to focus on printing the data, do you mean actually printing to a device?

You can open the Print dialogue of most modern browsers with javascript through the print method - you can use this dialogue to both print to a PDF, or send the page to a physical device for a paper copy.

Whenever you want to tackle a custom layout for your PDFs, you can take a look at the UltimatePDF component - it has a demo module that you can download to check code examples.

It could be like, I have a PDF template here, which I turned into a form so that people can fill it out online instead of manually. So when they fill it out and click the print button, the PDF template I have should be made available for download with the data they entered into the form integrated into the PDF. How could I achieve this? 

Hi Antony,

There is a function to print menu via JavaScript (window.print();).



So this issue with window.print() will take a screenshot of the screen, and I don't want that 


The most used component on the OutSystems Forge to generate PDF documents based on data entered into OutSystems database through is:

Basically, this is the way to go in OutSystems:

  1. Build an app that handles the data entry and store the data in one or more outsystems entities
  2. Use the ultimate-pdf component to generate PDF documents.



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