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Discover application objects consumption in Community Forge

Hi everyone,

We’re thrilled to unveil our latest addition to Community Forge! Forge now allows you to explore the resource consumption of Application Objects in Forge O11 assets.

With this new feature, users can now view how many AOs (Application Objects) an O11 asset consumes (only in O11 assets), therefore empowering you to make better informed decisions while selecting assets.

How to access?

Simply navigate to the asset details page (both in Community Forge and Service Studio Forge), where you will find a new section displaying how many AOs the latest version of the asset consumes, if any.

On the asset versions page, it will also be possible to view the AO consumption of each asset version.

This feature is now live and available for immediate use.

We eagerly await your feedback and thoughts on this new addition.

Best regards,


Wowww, great news, its really a awesome and useful feature to know forge component AO's before installation.  

Nice, will definitely give it a try!

This is really great and much needed feature when we go for Assets in forge. Brilliant and thanks for this 👍.

That sounds great.... will try for sure.

This is great feature, will definitely try.

It's good, Now we would be able to choose the forge more wisely.


Great addition!

Thanks for sharing. Important addition


Thanks for sharing. I will check

Great, very helpful!!

Great news, very helpful! Thank you


very useful addition ! 

Great, we can now estimate AO consummed before actually download the Component.

Great, I'm absolutely going to try it out! 


Thanks for sharing !!

This is really helpful. Thanks for sharing!

This is surely going to be of great help, Thanks for the update!