Popover-menu behavior
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11.54.13 (Build 62526)

Hello everyone,

In a reactive application, I have a popover-menu, and in the bottom content a link to a client action (showPopup).
When the popup opens, the first click does not work, as the focus is still on the popover-menu.
This behavior is known? is there anything I might be failing to do correctly? 

A component that does something similar is the submenu, but the submenu has the correct behavior.


hi Agno Silveira,

I tried with the same scenario as yours. i did not face anything like you described. i am adding an oml file just go through if you find any issue just upload your oml so that i would be able to understand more.




Hello Prince,

I created the scenario. Note that when you click on the popovermenu to open the popup, your first click will not work, as the first click after opening the poppu will close the popovermenu in the background.

see Screen3 in oml attached.

Thank you.



I could not reproduce the issue with your module and OutSystems UI version 2.17.0, so it looks like it's already been fixed by OutSystems.

P.S.: you guys should try to always remember to remove unused dependencies from your modules. Doing so for this one resulted in its size going from 2.8 MB to about 478 KB. 😉

Ok, so I can reproduce the issue after all if I click on the "Show" radio button. I was testing it with the "close" link. Sorry for the confusion! 

@Agno Silveira Have you, by any chance, found a fix or workaround for this issue?


The solution I found for now was to place the popover-menu inside an if.

The if Boolean variable is the same one used to display the popup

This way, when you open the popup, the popover-menu disappears and the problem does not occur.


Ah of course, clever! Thanks to your idea I got the desired result myself by putting the popover menu in a container and using the visible property in a similar way but with a little less clutter in the widget tree. Cheers!

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