Combo box wrap text

Hello to all,

Is it possible to use more than one lines for a combo box. I have a combo box whose values are very long, and I want to wrap it into two lines.

Any ideas?

You cannot do it by default.

you can perhaps set the width + max-width of the combobox, so the combobox itself will remain small, but the list will be at normal width.

sidenote, a combobox with large lines is something to think about, because it's not very UX-friendly and pretty unreadable.
perhaps it's better to use radio-buttons for example.

Hello Marios,

The technical and UX problems I think that Joost already explained it very well.
However, if you dataset is not very large, you can use for example the component Chosen, since it works very well (in terms of performance, not with a huge amount of information) with bigger texts, it uses multiple lines if needed and also have something very useful which is the search option.
Try it and download it if you want in the following location:

Best Regards,
Gonçalo Martins