Service Studio provides Entity Diagrams for you to have a graphical view of your entities and their relationships.

Creating an Entity Diagram

To create a new Entity Diagram proceed as follows:

  1. Click on the Data Layer of the eSpace Tree;

  2. Right-click on the Entity Diagrams folder;

  3. Select Add Entity Diagram option from the pop-up menu.

Adding Entities

Add Entities to the Entity Diagram by simply dragging them from Data Layer of the eSpace Tree and dropping them on the canvas.

Any existing relationship between two entities is depicted in the Entity Diagram through a connector:

In case two entities have more than one relationship between them, you have connectors for each one of the relationships.

Other Operations

By right-clicking on an Entity a pop-up menu is shown up with a list of operations you can perform over the Entity. The most relevant are the following:

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