Version management across the whole application lifecycle
OutSystems 7.0
A dashboard that answers the following questions:
  • what is the current version in development environment
  • what version is now in Test, QA and Production environment
  • what are the dependencies within these versions
  • who's working on a eSpace / extension (locking?)

This would mean that the outsystems Platform Servers would be fully aware of each other's state and the E-spaces and extensions that have been set-up on the server.

I think this would be a good aid in seeing whether a version is taking too long to be deployed in a live environment.

Think of a situation where the status of an E-space that is in Q&A could change to "Approved to go Live" by a tester / user.
This gives green light for the Application Manager to rollout the version.
+ upon eSpace publication allow the ability to comment on changes made to an eSpace application. (similar to how it works with subversion commit).

You would need to be able to set up the development, test, acceptance and production environment (test & acceptance should be able to be combined) Systems managent can then do easy cross server deploys by selecting an eSpace and set it to the next level. After selection the deployment tool should list all needed eSpaces and Extensions used by the eSpace and show checkmark which has to be deployed also. After check systems management can then deploy all to the next server.

This should then also include that users can enter a user defined version number. This version number can then be used to identify the eSpace versions accross servers. eSpaces are only transferrable when assigned a user defined version number. Default it should start with number like 1.0.
eSpace version description/comment is a must: when you have hundreds of eSpace versions and a lot of change requests it's dificult to keep track of what went live and when.
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2016-11-21 23-23-05
Gonçalo Borrêga
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