2018-05-06 02-00-14
João Melo
Increase Architecture Dashboard's session timeout
Architecture & Governance 

Most of the findings take some time to be acted upon, they're normally discussed in technical meetings with the team, and very often, when we get back to it to move on with the review, the session has expired and we need to login and drill down to the Module / App all over again. Which is annoying.

Sometimes it seems to be some sort of instability in the environment, as the timeout seems to be very short. But, anyway, here's a feedback to improve the experience.

+1 from me. This was a very frustrating issue while working with the Architecture Dashboard.

Changed the status to
Working on it
expected delivery in Q1 2021

Hi, we are currently facing an issue with timeouts in production.

This week we have been able to find it, and we were able to fix it in our testing environment.

We expect to release it during next sprint along the rest of our new goodies.

Changed the status to
on 01 Apr 2021

We were able to track down the cause of session loss and we were able to fix it.

This issue is no longer present in Architecture Dashboard usage.