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Dear all,

I think that it will be very interesting to have technical debt computation within Architecture Dashboard, associated to each issue to be fixed.

This kind of feature is already provided by other tools, such as SonarQube (

This kind of information could be very interesting for project management perspective, as estimations, that could be used to accommodate the corresponding fixes found through Architecture Dashboard in projects, based on continuous improvement approach.

Best regards,

João Paulo Pires 

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Hi João,

Thank you for your contribution.

Currently technical debt is already a topic at Architecture Dashboard, but it is not fully explored atm.

The color code classification is based on the technical debt (impact of each finding type * number of findings) - not just number of findings. Another example is the way the findings are listed. They are ordered by the most severe ones.

We are looking into evolving the concept, so in the "bar chart" AKA lower left graphic each app contributes the same size for the graph. This is wrong, since it should probably consider the size of the app / contribution to the whole factory.

I will look into your documentation again, and we may talk again.

Kind regards,


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on 31 Dec 2021

Hi João,

Thanks for sharing your idea. 

We have recently released a new dashboard area which I believe answers some of your points. Feel free to explore the new area and share additional feedback.

Check for more information here.


Many thanks!

Great job!