Make the merge undo-able
OutSystems 6.0
Hands up if you have more than once reversed merged and deleted all your last hours work.
Hello André,

When I've merged and lost some functionality that I've forget, I just close service studio and open the eSpace again. Then I can do the merge again.

Just must keep in mind in version 6.0 that you also save the eSpace on you're disk. When publishing (before the merge popup appears) the eSpace will be saved to you disk. So if something went wrong in the merge you don't save and open the eSpace from disk again which is the version before merging.
2016-08-25 18-41-23
Lúcio Ferrão
In 6.0 you can "undo" the merge operation using the Undo/Ctrl-Z
Lucio, I didn't notice that, thank you for the clarification!