White list Names for architecture dashboard rule "Missing description on public element"

Architecture Dashboard

It would be nice if we could maintain in the Architecture configuration a "whitelist" of self-explanatory names that don't need a description.

This list could have default already have the most common names like:

  • Id
  • Name
  • Label
  • Description
  • CreatedBy
  • UpdatedBy
  • CreatedOn
  • UpdatedOn

The code analysis pattern Missing description on public element", should then use this list and exclude reporting elements with names that are on this list.


Created on 14 Feb (11 days ago)
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I don't mind Architecture Dashboard, but this particular finding just needs to be removed. There are exceedingly few items where the names do not make the functionality obvious.


I prefer not to add an explanation of the name but the purpose of the element that I describe.  The purpose why the element exists is not always clear from its name and does add to the maintainaaintainabillity and readabillity of the code especially if you have to onboard new developers to the team.

But I agree for many elements it's not needed, and for that I would like to whitelist names.

Great idea.

Good idea!