Add Direction attribute to Locale's static entity
Frontend (App Interfaces)

Would it make sense to add a new Direction attribute to the built-in Locale static entity? 

This is particularly useful for languages that require the usage of RTL direction on the UI.

Example: Arabic language - a possible workaround is to check if the locale's language is equal to AR (Arabic), if so, the RTL direction is applied through CSS.

With that Direction attribute present on the Locale's entity we would avoid any type of hardcode checks.

It would really help! +1

2019-04-07 18-26-39
Vitor Teixeira
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on 31 Mar 2021

Hi Paulo,

Thank you for submitting your idea. I'm glad to inform you that a solution for this use case is soon to be released with the next version of the platform. With that solution, the developer won't have to do any additional checks for RTL languages to apply the correct text direction to the UI, it will all be done by the platform automatically.

Meanwhile, we have also documented a workaround that will let you get the desired behavior until the fix is public, you can use this workaround to control how the content shows in your apps.

Thanks again for sharing your ideas.


Hello Vitor, 

Thank you for the update. 

The workaround suggested was exactly what we did in our case.

Best Regards

helpful Idea  +1