On Aggregates, keep Sources/Filters/Sorting/Test Values area in same position
Aggregates & Queries
Development Environment Release 109

Scrolling horizontally an aggregate makes disappear the information on the top. Keeping it fixed in the same position would help when we try to check values after scrolling (sometimes a lot) to the right.

Changed the category to
Aggregates & Queries
and the status to
Working on it
expected delivery in Q1 2021

Hi José,

Thank you for your idea. We agree with you, and I'm happy to tell you that we're actually working to improve that experience! 


Great, this will be very helpful!

I see on today's Service Studio update this feature implemented. 

Thank you!!

Changed the status to
on 29 Mar 2021

Hi, José!

Yes - We're happy to let you know that today we released a new UI for the Aggregates feature that includes the experience improvements you were suggesting in your idea. 

We're glad you like it.

Keep the ideas coming,


Thanks Ângela.

I noticed an issue with the newest version. It is not possible anymore to drag columns to the righ/left.