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I'm glad that this idea Edit data directly in ViewData editor inside Service Studio got implemented, but it was implemented in a way that Service Studio lost a functionality that I use much:

  • Dragging and dropping an entity attribute in aggregate make it appear in the list.

Why I used this so much? Because when you have an aggreagte that has lots of entities/attributes it is easier to hide all attributes, then drag and drop just the ones you want to be visible in the preview. When you try and do this on the latest version of Service Studio this funcionality is blocked:

Can you plese bring it back? Since I really want to use both functionalities.


Just a note if this take some time or never get implemented back: Service Studio 11.10.15 is the last version with this funcionality.

Hi, I realized of this missing functionality :(

It was very useful.

Hi Leandro,

Have you tried the new service studio version? I just tried it and this functionality is back! :)


Hi Alvaro,

I tested further and found that no drag and drop is working if the aggregate is in "pop-out" mode (can't drop entity neither attributes) as seen in the printscreen, but is working in "pop-in" mode. 

This sounds like a bug, maybe it will get fixed soon. 

Ps: we are talking about the same version, 11.10.16 (Build 40208) :)


Hi Leandro Oliveira,

Thanks for creating this idea.
The functionalities mentioned here already exist in both pop-in and pop-out Aggregates modes.

What you are experiencing is that you can't add twice the same attribute. If you expand those 2 + 33 hidden columns you have in your example, you will find the "Name" that you are trying to add.

I'm adding here a small GIF to exemplify the behavior you are having.

Hope it helps.

Thanks for reaching out.

Hi Nuno,

If you repeat your steps in pop-in mode of Service Studio 11.10.16 (in your gif it was not on that version, I can see because the style has changed) you will notice the difference and what I'm talking about. You can't even drag and drop an entity to an empty aggregate in pop-out mode:

In popin mode this works:

  1. Given the entity is already in the aggregate, with its atributes hidden.
  2. When you drag and drop one attribute that you want to preview.
  3. Then Service Studio will make that attribute visible and not add the entity twice.

Without this funcionality, it will be much harder to find an attribute in a aggregate with many entitties/attributes.

Hope it clarifies.


Hi Leandro,

I tried it in the module that own the tables and it's work there (only pop-in). Obviously, it would be great if you can do that in any module.


Hi Alvaro,

It doesn't seen to make difference if your try with referenced entities or own ones. Just the aggregate mode, the popout has become bugged but the popin works. Just make sure you are not dragging and dropping an attribute that is still visible.


I and my colleagues ran into this issue too. I think it is a bug introduced with version 11.10.16. We know we did not have the issue with version 11.10.15.

 In the release notes of version 11.10.16:

  • We updated the Aggregates look & feel — it is now cleaner and more modern-looking, consistent with the rest of the Service Studio interface. (RDEV-2963)

When the aggregate window is popped-out drag-and-drop never works, when it is popped-in, it works randomly.

I'm not a fan of the whole new layout either, far too much white space making it harder to have an overview when you have more than about 4 entities. Also, when popped-out, the window doesn't remember its size, so you have to resize it every time you reopen it.

Hope Outsystems fixes this soon.

must be a bug because it still says "or drag a database entity from the right"

It seems Service Studio 11.10.19 released on the 19th of April (today) has solved the issue.

Thanks for the information and thanks Outsystems Team for the fix! Just updated.

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