[Forum] Be able to create a new post from the recent activity page

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on 16 May 2016
When you want to make a new post on the forum you first need to click on the Community and then the forum sub menu. It would be nice to have the ability to directly add a new post from the recent activity screen.

Didn't made a post for a while, went to the recent activity page and was searching where to create a new post. Then founded out it wasn't possible from that screen. So make the user expectations work.

Or is it just me having the wrong expectations :).
Created on 8 Mar 2012
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I guess I have the wrong expectations too.
As far as i can see it: even on the recent activity screen in the top right corner there's a ask the community button to create a new post.
Damn you're right.

Then I would like to change the WotC idea to:

Change the ask the communitiy icon to a simple: add new post line.

On this way is's more clear that the link to make a new post, just like in the forums part (see screenshot).
Hi Evert,

We just implemented this idea! Check the new forums :)