Keep filters selected after entering the Detail in the Error Log list
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It would be really useful to keep the filters selected once we return from the Detail of the Error. It would save us some time.

Very useful!!

Yes, it would be useful!

Yes, true. Returning to the list page is not so friendly, as have to supply the filters again.

Hi Catarina,

It needs to be implemented! Very annoying when we need to keep the filter we already had and we are constantly losing it. 

The stranger in this is that for some filters it keeps the value. Example Message, Source and Server.

This certainly should be implemented!

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Service Center

Yes, that would be really helpfull. 

This is a must have since some of the filters already keep their values.

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on 01 Jan 2022

Hi Catarina,

Just to let you know that your idea has been implemented in the product for a while now. It is our bad that we did not update your idea in a timely manner when we did the actual release that included this change.

Many thanks for making the suggestion.

All the best

Good improvement