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It would be awesome if there was the possibility of Uploading & Publishing multiple modules at once through Service Center.

Created on 30 Apr
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Typically that's done with a Solution. Is there a reason why that doesn't meet your needs?


As Justin mentioned, use the upload solution option. You need to upload the .osp file.

Yes I also agree with Justin, the issue is that some developer dont know Service Center.

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Nuno R

Hello guys.

Thank you for your feedback.

I came up with this idea when i had the need to upload & publish modules in my factory but i didn't had access to the original factory. Therefore, i couldn't create a solution to include the modules. I only had the .oml of each module.

I hope the use case clarifies the need.

Yeah, I see the need... but I feel that it is extremely edge-case, to be honest. :(


Yes, i concur that it is a very specific use case and it could be categorized as a Nice to Have in Service Center.

Hello, Yes The option is available in Service center.

This would be a great idea especially when working with an application layered across multiple modules for the database, business logic, widgets and end user modules.  Instead of having to refresh dependencies and republish up the stack have outsystems manage this for us. 

Elmar -

That isn't the use case this is intended to address, if you read the comments, this is to help people move modules from one environment to another, in a situation where they have multiple modules but no access to the original environment to package a solution.

For what you are asking about, there are already a number of Ideas out there - some implemented (you can do "Republish Consumers" in Service Center already) - and some not-implemented yet.



Kindly check if this below process address your Use case.

1. Go to Service center -> Factory -> Solutions

2. Click on New solution link (If you dont want to upload .osp file)

3. Once you Save solution, you will be redirected to below page

4. Next step is Search in marked place and click on Associate required modules like below.

    If you want to select all the modules in Environmnet, select 'Associate All Modules/Extensions'

5. Once required modules are associated, create a version as shown below.

6. Once version is successfully created, we can publish it whenever we need. We can use the same multiple times.