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I'm learning Outsystems, and I often don't have a computer all the time with me, so I thought, what if I had an App with questions related to different segments in Outsystems?

I created a Mobile App with the knowledge I have, and I will continue to develop it, I already have all the Reactive Ready part, and in two languages, English and Portuguese.

For those who want to access the app, I have available on PWA.

And a trial version for Android.

I hope that this idea is really good, and will be implemented by the platform.


Danilo Miquelino.

Created on 13 May
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This is a very good input for the community, specially for certifications study.

But instead of displaying it here, you can post it on the forum. There you can get inputs more inputs from other members.

P.S. add some padding to the quiz container :)

Thanks for the tip, 

I'll post on the forum then. 

Hi Danilo,

Great initiative. Only I doubt that the Ideas page is where you need to promote this.

The ideas page is for stuff NOT yet available, not for OutSystems applications you build.

For that, publish it on the Forge, and you could create a discussion on the Forum about it to get more traction.



Thank for your tip Daniël !

Best Regards,
Danilo Miquelino.