New concept: Application Cluster

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In Outsystems we have a concept called Applications that are a group of modules that are grouped.

To be compliant with Outsystems architecture it's normal to have 2/3 applications that refer to the same business application (as you can see in the image).

To allow better governance I suggest creating a new concept called cluster that will improve:

  • Log analysis by business application
  • Dependencies by business application
  • Data flow by business application
  • Technical debt (AD) analysis
  • Architecture reading

Created on 28 May (2 weeks ago)
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Hello Nuno

I am not sure if I fully understant your proposal but at first impression, it seems to me that it only adds a new layer of complexity. 


@Alberto it doesn't add extra complexity, the complexity is already there and you can manage and validate it by means of the Application Architecture Canvas


@Alberto, Currently, you can already define Domains in Discovery (they can even be auto created from LifeTime Teams).

In a domain (vertical or horizontal) you can have one or more LifeTime Applications.

Nuno's idea, is to also implement the concept Business Application, as described in the OutSystems success document I shared in my previous reply (the blue rectangles).

So the decomposition of a solution will then be 

  • One or more domains
  • Each domain with one or more business applications
  • Each business application with one or more LifeTime applications.

The idea is only about implementing the concept, as it does already exist, only now the OutSystems tools do not support it.

You could "misuse" domains for this and create a domain for every business application. But you would lose the concept domain.

Thanks, Daniel.

Much more clear now. 

One of the other benefits would be that it would provide a way to de-clutter the service studio application list. It becomes very complex when you have 100+ applications.