Convert Screen to Block - Keeping things as agile as possible.
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Hi Outsystems Team & Community,

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Currently in my development practices to save time I will design my database architecture in an application first. Once designed In some cases I will drag and drop entities into a UI flow to have OutSystems handle screen creation. I'm then manually copying the UI elements, variables and logic out into a separate block (Especially in Mobile as screens must all reside in the one module). I especially use this method when generating back office screens.

To keep things as agile as possible it would be great to be able to right click on an existing screen and be able to convert to block. Have OutSystems handle all of the UI elements, input / parameters, variables and logic and automate the block creation.

I could see this saving a considerable amount of time throughout each project and this would also help in driving more component based design and development practices. Small time savings add up over the long term and this could be applied to Traditional Web, Reactive Web and especially Mobile.

Any feedback or further extension of this idea is welcomed.

Thanks and have a great day all.

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Jack McMillan

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Hi Jack,

It's not completely obvious, but you can do that by copying the screen and then doing a "Past As...":


Tiago Simões

Hi Tiago,

Thank you so much for the reply. Glad to hear that this has already been implemented. It’s going to save so much time in the long run!

Have a great day.

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Jack McMillan

Hi Tiago,

Is it possible to put this action more visible?

Suggestion: add option  "Convert to block" when the user clicks on the screen that wants to convert to block.

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It should be possible with right click mouse convert a screen to a block.

Sometimes, we need to convert a Screen to a Block when we have refactored or using a screen generated by bootstrap.

Hi David,

I remembered something already exists on the forum/ideas page about this:

It is a bit hidden, as noted in the reply, but still... available.

Select a screen on the right side
Copy the whole screen (Ctrl+C, or right-click and choose 'Copy')
Then select the UI flow you want it as a block
Right-click and choose 'Paste As...', or do Ctrl+Shift+V
And within the popup, choose 'Block'

Hi Jeroen,

It's not intuitive but works.

Thank you