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In our environment we use BPT a lot, thus our activity entity grows a lot and a system query testing for active processes creates a big load in the system. We have processes runnng for months and the number of activities on the processes are exceding the max of 10k and thus the processes are suspended which cases problems. We already have a proces cleaning program, but it cant delete activities of running processes, stopping them and starting a new proces isn't an option. So we want an option to delete old activities in the activity table, something like ActivityDelete. We know messing with system tables can be a problem, but n this case we realy need to do this. To explain, this is a list of total of activities on a number of processes 

(we do distibution of rental homes, on 1 house sometimes 15k people react thus causing a load of proces steps to happen) 

Created on 7 Jun (5 days ago)
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Why not use the Forge component https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/1313/bpt-utils to do that?



I already use that, I have made a program which keeps track of all processes, adds newly created process definitions to a list and a timer which cleans out ended or terminated processes after a set time because outsystems itself doesn't clean up. Also I can look at the details of the processes and restart or terminate them if they are a problem, because servicecenter crashes or is very slow with processes with a lot of activities (crashes with q query timeout) 

But as said there is no way to kill activities on a proces which had ended.

By the way there is a discard activity but it also stops the current proces, which we don't want

"Discards an Activity and the execution of the current Process flow stops, that is, none of the following activities in the flow is executed."

Maybe this one should get a parameter so it doens't stop the proces flow