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Hi everyone,

I spend a lot of time inactivating the users who should not have access to an environment for some reason. What I would like to suggest is for us to have the ability to set an expiration date for each user that is not an administrator.

This way I can easily manage the users on my factory especially when we have outsourced developers.

Created on 15 Jun
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Hi João,

Great idea, related to this, it would be nice if we can set an inactive period. For example, a user automatically is set as disabled after 45 days of inactivity. We don't always know the expiration date upfront.



That would also be a very nice add-on, to be able to block a user due to inactivity!

I prefer the option of an inactivity date!

Great idea , having the possibility to set an expiration date, would be really helpfull in some use cases

This is indeed a great idea. I came across a couple of software factory, where external IT users are joining the assignment for a fixed period. Having an expiration date will ease the process and relieve the extra burden.

Also, having the ability to configure the inactive period before the user is automatically set to inactive, would greatly help the manual process of disabling the leavers.

@Daniel, you should submit this as idea.

Thanks for the link Alberto. I see it was created just two days ago. I believe it takes only the end users into consideration, not the IT Users. But again, a good one.

This native solution appears to increase platform security. The more active users, the more possibilities the attacker has.

It's a really good idea to clear unwanted/no longer used or created just for testing purposes.

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Great idea, I would suggest implementing both solutions, expiration date, and inactivity date