For Development Only Screen option

Service Studio

Have an option on the screen options to make that screen a Development only screen.

What it does: Limits the screen to the current environment in a way that it can not be published in another environment ie: Development to Test.

Use case: Testing an API, preview a pdf or another file, creating a CRUD or Sync page to run timers and logic by clicking a button, etc. 

This would allow developers to be able to better test their applications and leave does testing tools on the app itself to be used again at a later date, therefore saving time and logic. 

Created on 21 Jun
Comments (3)

I am 99% sure this idea already exist, just fail to find it. Anyhow, good idea, I voted for it.

As for now you would have Test logic in a separate app, but that requires to set objects like actions, etc to public again.

Thanks Daniël Kuhlmann ! Yes, I could not find it also maybe it just fizzled down. 

This would be an excellent and useful resource Paulo Rosário.