Disallow xif and oml uploads to the Forge

Problem: xif and oml files that are uploaded to the Forge cannot be installed in the same way as oap files, which causes:

  • Service Studio to not recognize when updates are uploaded to those components
  • The components generally get installed in Independent Modules and clutter the factory, which people sometimes don't realize until they try to move to the next environment

Suggestion: Disallow uploading xif and oml files to the Forge, and only allow them to be installed in an oap. Then go through the existing Forge components and cleanup ones that are just an xif or oml (either contact the owner, or wrap it inside of an oap)

Some of the older forge components don't allow you to replace the .XIF or .OML with an application.  This would need to be replaceable.

Changed the status to
on 18 Aug 2022

Hi, Craig.

You'd like to let you know that your idea has been implemented. From today, we're restricting new asset uploads to OAP format only. 

Thank you for your contribution to the community!


How do you create an .oap from a .xif?
I just want to upload the extension to Forge.