Add shortcuts back to Manage Dependencies popup
Service Studio
Development Environment 11.54.3 (Build 62213)

When refreshing references the "Ctrl+R" and "Ctrl+A" shortcuts are really useful. And in the new Hybrid Beta seems to have lost that ability.

Francisco Reis
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Working on it
expected delivery in 22-Quarter2

Hello João,

Thank you for your feedback. We're looking into several topics concerning the usage of keyboard in managing dependencies. We'll get back to you.

Hi Ctrl+A works after you open the manage dependencies window with CTRL+Q.

It is also documented on the Keyboard shortcuts window, that you can access via CTRL+SHIFT+K

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on 11 Jul 2022

This idea is already implemented, check the latest service studio stable version!

  • The keyboard shortcut to Refresh All is ⌘+R for macOS and Ctrl+R for Windows.
  • The Keyboard shortcut to Apply is ⌘+Enter for macOS Ctrl+Enter for Windows.