Make InScreenPreview a standard property of a webblock

on 10 May 2013
OutSystems 8.0
Sometimes you have tons of webblocks in 1 screen based on certain criteria.
Now sometimes those webblocks are surrounded by if's or other condiional criterias.

The view of those screen are horrible if you have more than X webblocks.

a solution to that is in the screen of the webblock itself you can have an if-statement with "screenpreview=true", but I do not like that solution.

If we could have a property to set/unset wether we want to see the webblock as is or as a text/image and then add a text or image.

this makes my life more easier and hopefully others as well :)
Created on 20 Apr 2012
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Why didn't I thought of that one....
In version 8 we made that possible using the Conditional content in webblocks (combined with Ifs)
Check it out... https://www.outsystems.com/help/servicestudio/8.0/Web_User_Interface/Present_Conditional_Contents.htm

Hello Goncalo,

I think that isn't really the right solution. If you set it true or false some content isn't shown in your webblock. And show both still can show 'wrong lay-out elements'.

Kind regards,