Community Digest email frequency

As said many times, the community digest is a great feature to keep the community abreast with what's going on in the OutSystems space. However, as a User, what I miss is the ability to control the frequency of these emails.

In the first place, I want to be informed of the whereabouts of the community, but on the other side, during work hours/days want to be focused on work by cutting all the noise (Ugh! it's not a noise, but you know what I mean ;-)).  

The Community Digest Email Preferences provide the option to opt-in/opt-out for these digest. However, nicer if I as a user can choose the frequency of these digest emails e.g. 

  • Once per week (with top voted / popular / trending / announcements / Pinned posts / thought leadership posts), 
  • Daily digest (regular new feeds / forge updates / new versions etc).

Hi Swatantra!

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding, but we already have the ability to select if you'd like to receive the daily or weekly version. See the image below, is this what you're asking for?

Damn! I never noticed it. Thanks Jen for your quick response. This is what I was asking for.

Well excellent, glad we already had the functionality! :) I'm going to go ahead and close this idea!

Changed the status to
on 06 Aug 2021

This functionality already exits.